The number of experimental-sound artists is increasing day by day, but at the same time, themes and motivations contrary are decreasing. It seems that today there are no more important references in sound or music to work with, however, the influence of parallel media - in this case a sci-fi cult film- its the main vehicle to investigate and create one of the most weird homages in the electronic-noise history: Telephone Cabin.
In the convulsive nature of contemporary "music", the expanded methods of communication, based on artificial and conceptual sources are well received by these authors. In this case, the carnal architecture and its consequences, is perfect leitmotiv for seven mexican decomposers to show their personal tribute to The Fly, the Cronenberg´s masterpiece.

Telephone Cabin: only a total rebellion against the human model,but an exquisite insect-made illusion of perfection.

a compilation by: Ricardo Caballero / Poro

Record sleeve - Inner sleeve : Ricardo Dorantes / Poro